Find a mower to keep your lawn in top shape, whether it’s large or small. One of the steps in creating a perfect yard is choosing your cutting height. Your mower will be quick and easy to adjust with up to 9 cutting height options and models that will cut your grass from 1.25 to 4 inches. Its technology allows you to easily adjust the ground speed to your needs and the condition of the lawn. And with its 3-in-1 cutting system, you choose the cutting mode best for your grass bagging, mulching or side discharge. Our feature-packed lawn mowers put you in control of your mowing experience.
Don’t get confused when it comes to lawn care. There are many different types of lawnmower, but fundamentally, almost all lawnmowers fit into two categories – rotary mowers and cylinder mowers. Our experts will help you to pick the right lawnmower so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round.

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